Saturday, November 16, 2013

Top Ten List:

This list is ongoing and will be updated as I progress and make more posts! Stay around and follow me for updates on this!

#5 An online game that most of us are familiar with! What game is that? Ragnarok Online! The classic game is known by many as one of the best games they have played! read my full review below!

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#6 A game similair to LoL and DOTA2 check out my review on Prime World! More game less trolls!

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#7 One of the most beloved novels and films this game now takes the stand as an mmorpg! check out my review!

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#8 Ragnarok Online 2 is one of the most controversial mmorpgs out there! Both loved and hated read my review on it to find out whether this game is right for you! :)

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#9 This game is one that is considered a classic! Always changing and adding more to the game is what the developer Webzen has done and it is doing a very good job at keeping the playerbase interested!What game is it?You'll have to read the review in the link below to find out!

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#10 Although this game is at the bottom of the list that does not mean it is meant to be forgotten! Check out my review of Mortal Online!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2


  Alright so besides the other Ragnarok 2 that was scrapped completely this is the one that is currently out and breathing! This game boasts pretty nice graphics as well as some systems that are derived from the original and beloved Ragnarok Online. But it is not at all an actual predecessor! This is a completely different game with little to nothing in common with the original! Not really worth of being called Ragnarok Online 2 but it does stay true to a few things and for those of you that have played the original,seeing the world of Ragnarok with better graphics might just be an awesome experience!

  Classes are broken down to the usual in any online game! Archer,Assassin,Warrior,Mage,Healer,and the odd ball of the game as well as new race the Noel which can be Alters. At level 25 each class has a choice of one of two class specializations and will unlock an entire new skill tree! As you progress through the game you will notice that their are now instances and that MvP monsters are now instance bosses or raid bosses!

 The game is also more linear than the original in the sense that you aren't encouraged to actually explore the world or maps! You just get quests,kill a few mobs,turn them in,rinse and repeat. Again nothing bad but it is a bit of a let down to those of us who were expecting it to stay true to its roots!

  For those of you that loved WoE in the original Ragnarok Online then you will be happy to know that it is also included in this version! I have not personally attended WoE so the mechanics might be a bit different but aside from that it seems pretty promising!

 This will be one of my shorter reviews due to me being a level 20 barely so expect for things to change on this review as time passes by!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you are interested in getting updates as I review more games and give you the lowdown of what is good what is bad and what just doesn't belong! Till then take care fellow gamers! <3

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tera Online

  Yes I know I haven't been posting as many reviews as I should but my laptop broke and I had to upgrade.Now I can run higher graphics mmos though and do reviews on them so I suppose it's a plus?Anyways...Recently TERA went free to play with the update "TERA Rising".With this came restrictions to free-to-play  players such as only being able to make two characters per server but having access to every class and race so it's not much of a big deal.I will be updating this section though as I advance and see that any limitations are troublesome!TERA Online is by far the most graphically beautiful game I have played.The environments are lush and the mobs as well as players are very well detailed!So for those of you with a high end pc or laptop that love awesome graphics this game is for you!But before you go on and download it finish reading this post!

  TERA's roster of races and classes is simply amazing!There are no gender locked classes and the only gender locked race would be the giant rock guys(forgot the name)!Every race has an assortment of racials that you gamers that love maxing out and being the best you can possibly be should look into before you finalize your character and jump into the world of Arborea.I still haven't chosen a class but I am stuck between a priest and a mystic and I am leaning towards mystic!The class roster is as follows:Lancer,Warrior,Slayer, Berserker,Priest,Mystic,Sorcerer,and Archer!So you will have quite a few to choose from and every class has a different play style!Be sure to check them out!

  Gameplay wise it is very similar to Monster Huner in the sense that you can dodge attacks or block attacks depending on your class.This is extremely crucial for classes that intend to tank the BAMs(Big Ass Monsters) that they will undoubtedly bump into and be required to kill as they adventure throughout the game.From every class that I have played so far(Archer,Warrior,Slayer,Sorcerer,Berserker) I can say that being able to avoid being hit is key to not duh right?Also the attack and skill animations are beautifully executed and are fluid which is a plus to those that are annoyed by sluggish actions.

  The community is active and may even be MORE active due to the transition to free to play so finding groups,guilds,friends,and so on isn't such a pain in the ass as it is on some mmos.Adventuring in a group WILL make your experience more enjoyable and it is cool to be able to sit around a campfire and just chat about random stuff to pass the time!As I am still a new player to TERA you can expect this review to be short but it will get updated as I get further in the game.Stay tuned peeps ;)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

List of MMOS with a couples system

I have received requests to make a post specifying which mmorpgs are suited for couples or friends that would like to use a couples system to reap the benefits.After researching and downloading many mmos due to my horrible memory I have finally been able to release a list of just that!I will be updating this so be sure to check back every once in a while!This list is in no general order so don't think they are listed from best to worst.Just watch out for those people that pretend to be girls to get stuff as well as those nasty divorces that leave you with almost nothing! :c

  The first game I would like to mention is Grand Fantasia.Having played this with my girlfriend I know first hand what the couples system can do.Aside from getting bonus experience while around your couple you also gain a currency conveniently named "Lover Coins" every week based on the total level of the the two lovebirds divided by ten.These coins can be used to purchase many goodies from special buffs to bigger bags and even items that you would normally have to purchase from the cash shop such as chisels to make sockets in your gear as well as exp buffs.If that isn't enough to convince you to join hands with someone couples also gain buffs to apply to each other which is especially helpful during dungeon runs or pvp.If you want more info just stop by the official Grand Fantasia Wiki.

  As if being able to switch your character class at any time wasn't reason enough to play this or being able to build your own guild town if you work hard enough Aeria Games has also included a couple system!Much like Grand Fantasia when on the same map as your other half you receive CP and EXP +10% as well as being able to see the position of your lover(the pretty pink heart on the map).You also obtain "Luv Coins" to buy nice potions that will be life savers in the future and any serious player should have them!You also get couple specific skills that can be activated by using a "Heart".I have not been able to find a lover on Eden Eternal(Forever alone) but I am sure Hearts are obtained passively.You can check out the official Eden Eternal Wiki

Yes as if Mabinogi weren't addictive enough as it is they also have the nerve to add a couples system!Players can get married at there respective race towns and can hold a huge wedding to show off to the rest of the people that will never find another lover!After holding the ceremony of chaining yourselves together for all eternity you can choose to create a family.Yeah Nexon just make us not want to leave our chairs....*ahem* this is interesting for those people who want to add friends to a family tree the more people you add the more exp bonus you receive!That's right you also get a max of 40% exp bonus after having EIGHT family members!For more info on the marriage and family systems check it out  here:Marriage Family

  Yes your favorite cutesy 2d mmo made it to this list! Unfortunately it will cost you money just like in real life granted though that it isn't as much.When I say money I mean both mesos and nexon points!Yes you read correctly as if it weren't enough to take your actual money they are also taking your in game currency!The bastards!Aside from costing an arm and a leg for it to happen you get some pretty neat bonuses.The rings for example have set stats as well as upgrade slots as well as a neat effect when the couple is close.Since they don't really give much I may as well include the costs 500,000 mesos and will also more than likely generate in game drama.You have been warned!Check out the wiki for more info The Expensive Wedding

  Forsaken World...well I may as well add the Perfect World Entertainment logo and summarize this post...but that's just no fun.As like most PWE mmos Forsaken World also has a marriage system that,as most of you guessed,you need to pay real cash for.Sure you can argue that you could just earn in game gold to trade for it in the auction house but let's not forget this has the "Soul" currency that is soul bound and only good for buying skills or other items from the several npcs.Making it that much harder to get hitched in this game...also there are no benefits to being married.Except getting a title that says you are the property of [insert name here that has xX at beginning and end].More info here.Awesome Wedding and Divorce

  Dragonica Online is a 3d action mmorpg that is compatible with your joypad/game controllers.The addictiveness of running dungeons and getting SSS ranking as well as competing to beat the times of previous players adds on to the entertainment value!To make it even more awesome you get a couples system as well as a marriage system!As a couple you have access to passive and active buffs to make running through dungeons a breeze as well as couple only actions such as making out in front of other strangers like most twelve year old kids do to be cool!But after you get married by doing a few quests you gain access to couple only dungeons that can be tackled together or idea why you would do it alone though!Read more at the official Dragonica Online website! Couples Marriage Couple Goodies

  Fiesta has always been an mmo that I never really enjoyed but that is just me.For those of you out there that may like it you will be glad to know that it also has a couples system!Aside from the usual buffs that are given you actually get to hold your own wedding and invite people to join in on the celebration!If that isn't enough you also get a wedding pet as well as bonus exp when the two of you are partied up together!You can also summon your wife or husband to you in case someone is putting the moves on them!Quite handy if you ask me.More info at the wiki.Marriage Guide

  RIFT is one of my all time favorite mmorpgs!From invasions to the fun and fast paced pvp this game is sure to have what you are looking for!Having the ability to spread your skill points into any of three same type classes you are capable of creating your very own class unique to your playing style!The new expansion added more goodies to do as well as more classes for you to use to further perfect your unique class.A marriage system is in place and although I never personally got hitched I have heard that it is somewhat expensive using in game coins (I believe 5 platinum?) so be sure to have enough left over for the honey moon!More info at the official wiki Marriage

  Asda 2 is also one of the games I personally played and liked.The community was helpful and close knit unlike some games where no one ever talks at all.Featuring a faction system and arena pvp this game is filled with things to do as well as instance for gears!One of these is finding a "Soul Mate" and enjoying all the buffs and the exp bonus that you will receive from finding one!Some of these buffs will be essential when boss hunting,pvping,or for making yourself just that much more badass!Here is the link to the official wiki describing the skills you can use as well as how to get one and get rid of one! Soul Mates

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ecol Tactics

  If you are a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem games where you control mercenaries or troops while fighting monsters and being able to earn items and gear to make you look like a badass then this game is for you!At first glance it looks kind of bland since you don't have any skills or any mercenaries to help you out but after the tutorial where you beat up a few thieves and are introduced to the game mechanics you begin to see that this game has much more promise!
  The available classes for you and your mercenaries are Archer,Priest,Mage,and Swordsman.Not much but as they level you can change them to two different classes.I didn't pay attention to Luke when he explained this but I am sure you will!Each class has skills that are devastating and visually stunning when used in combat.In order to obtain these skills you must first find a skill stone.You can also upgrade skills and uncover different skills from skill stone boxes you may find.This means you are not limited to one class and can play all the classes if you so wish!

  As you progress through the games main quests and try to join the ranks of the mercenaries you are introduced to each npc such as the weapon and armorsmiths and the potion npc.This will be of great help to any new players as this is a key part of not seriously.After doing all that you are finally allowed to speak to the head of the Mercenaries Guild Lucas...but call him Luke...he demands it.After a brief umm..."conversation" you are given a task...BATTLE LUKE!Not simply kill two slimes then the game takes over and the fight is carried out by the game...I would have like to put an arrow between his eyes but I suppose this will do.
  After the "fight" with Luke you are finally granted permission to be part of the mercenaries guild!Yay!But first you have to recruit mercenaries so that you aren't such a loner!Who needs real friends right?Downside?It is completely random!Choosing which mercenaries you get is decided by a card game.You flip a card and that's what you get.You can have multiple goes at it but this will cost you gold or M-Tickets.It's not so bad though considering you could be forced to pay cash shop currency for better mercenaries.So enjoy this mini game that will decide your fate in battle!Nothing serious right?Hehe...

  All in all Ecol Tactics is a nice game and is highly addictive.I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for something to pass the time while they are waiting for any other mmorpg to release.If you are feeling particularly lonely in this game feel free to drop me a message here on in game.My in game name is JesseAlzuriu and I'm on the second server.Take Care!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Vanguard Saga of Heroes

  I recently stumbled across this online game while browsing the Everquest 2 website.At first I thought what harm could it do right?Might as well try it out!After having played through the tutorial area called "Isle of Dawn" and some of the first few quests I was instantly hooked and was amazed at the amount of depth in such a game!Many games lack depth and rely on spoon feeding the players but Vanguard knows better!Leveling is no longer limited to simply your basic level and gear is no longer limited to pvp/pve gear!You can level diplomacy by interacting with npcs,crafting by...well crafting,harvesting,and can equip gear to give a boost to each profession!I haven't delved deeper into the different professions but Diplomacy is by far my favorite!
  Vanguard is a freemium game but the restrictions aren't so bad.You have access to all the content the game has to offer as a free player with four character slots and you gain regular exp from mobs as well as access to mobs obtainable in game.As a premium player you get 50% more exp,12 character slots,max vault space,and some other perks.At first this wasn't such a big deal having played Lord of The Rings Online I was used to this system...but then I saw something that just made me question the intelligence of the developers:You can't equip orange gear unless you are a premium player...WTF?!For more info visit this link:
  The difficulty in Vanguard is pretty high compared to most mmos...and I like it!I actually feel like every skill I cast is meaningful and as a Necromancer fan I take pride in crushing my opponents souls with my DoTs and debuffs while torturing them with my minions until they draw their last breath!This game requires you to use your brain a bit and to know your class of choices weaknesses and strengths.Running solo might work for a bit but it is NOT recommended!You will reach points where you just can't complete a quest because mobs gank you or they just hit to damn hard!Sometimes you'll even have a quest for a boss that is labeled "Soloable" but healers and some mages will have a tough time with these quests...I should know I have died a few times from such a quest.To make things easier for you and your buddies there are brotherhoods and caravans.Go here to get some more info on those:
  I was told by some players that their is a PvP arena later on at level 48 that you can go to to test your skills against fellow players and for those of you that just want to have a friendly duel that is also available starting at level 8.I have not gotten into the PvP aspect so I can't really comment on the class balance and stuff but I will update this whenever I get the chance.
  I have encountered many players that did not know that Vanguard was still up and running.This amazed me because if I hadn't decided to be nosy I would never have found it in the first place!As I continue to play I have discovered that I am indeed a fan of exploring and Vanguard has given me the best sense of exploration by far from the many mmorpgs I have played.It is no longer that you are limited to linear gameplay where you go to a town do quests go to a dungeon kill the boss and move on to the next town.Vanguard breaks free of this linear path that games have taken and gives you an open world to explore!Using riftways you can explore different areas filled with different monsters!You can get on a mount and go out into the world KNOWING that you will find something such as a dungeon or sidequests.The map however is very poor in quality and shows only a few dots representing the different npcs or dungeons that are available.I am glad that it is this way though as it helps you feel like you are an actual adventurer with a crappy map and a world full of unknown adventure before you!
  Community wise the player base is healthy on the Telon server and there are always people online to help or are in need of help so finding a party or a few questing buddies shouldn't be a problem!I haven't bumped into any role playing groups yet so for those of you out there that like to RP keep an eye on this as I will be updating it soon.
  As I continued my adventures I reached a dungeon called Khregors End.Not knowing this was a dungeon I ventured in only to be stopped at the entrance by an arachnid that made mince meat of my creature and myself.I went back a second time but this time I asked for a group and was amazed at how quickly I got a full party with a healer and tank plus a bunch of dps!We ventured in working our way through the spiders and down the winding pathway until we reached the bottom floor.Dwarves and Bugbears were busy mining and we began the full on massacre of each and every one of them!I asked how long this dungeon took to do.I was thinking five maybe twenty minutes tops...but boy was I hour and thirty minutes later we resurfaced leveled and with all our quests finished and ready to turn in!This aspect,though long and gruesome,was extremely rewarding!I jumped from level thirteen to level nineteen and managed to get some equipment to bolster me for the next round where we face off against the KING!Dungeons are a nice way to explore the world while meeting new comrades and creating ties with them for future adventures!

Best Race for a class:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Path of Exile

After having played this game EXTENSIVELY(yeah I got addicted so what!) I must say it is by far my favorite mmo!For those of you that love endlessly killing hoards of monsters in search of a better piece of equipment or levels then this game is for you!Let me get started by saying that this game has gender locked classes...which is a downer for some of you but it is still in open beta so this may change!The classes are Templar(Male),Witch(Female),Duelist(Male),Barbarian(Male),Shadow(Male),and Ranger(Female).

As you can see each class specializes in certain areas.Example the Shadow specializes in int and dex.Templar is str and int.Marauder is pure strength and so on and so forth.Now this may seem bad for a few of you but it is actually not a problem.Because the skill system is based on stones that drop from mobs.You can level these skills up by using them and you can use any skill from any of the three branches.So you can be a Marauder with a bash attack and still be able to pew pew with your lightning bolts.Experimentation at its finest!

Things get better!How?Well the skill tree is so immense that you can build up your character to have fast attack speed and damage and a lot of other combinations in whichever way you please!I never once looked at a guide to choose what passives I would get from the skill tree and I must say this freedom was awe inspiring!Some mmos could learn a thing or two from this system!If you think I am exaggerating take a look at the picture to the right.That isn't even the full thing!

Grinding Gear Games has yet to implement a cash shop so I cannot determine how this will affect the gamplay.My hopes are high though that it will not be game breaking!
The community is somewhat...quiet to say the least.I hardly ever joined others to adventure on the island and I was never asked to.The chat is somewhat quiet which seemed a bit off to me.You can party up with players so if you want post in some forums and get a group to join you!It might give you an entire new look on this game that I did not get to experience.
Path of Exiles is a good game and I strongly recommend that you check it out!Even if you aren't a fan of these types of mmos it is still worth it!